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Our Strategy

Our strategy shall be to build a Best in Class and Last Resort pharmaceuticals as well as healthcare destination powered by advanced therapy platforms, data science and Blue Ocean Strategy.

Strategic Priorities

As we implement our strategy, we shall have five strategically prominent priorities to shape our future and help us continue to either add values and/or create valuesfor our company, our stakeholders and society.

Unleash the power of our people


We shall introspect to redefine and transformthe ongoing cultures to ensure the people to have a platform where they can fully apply their talents, ingenuity and energies to their true potential. We shall be opening up to form a dream organization where people will be fully charged and protected to be inspired, curious and empowered.

Deliver Transformative Innovation


In our pursuit of transformative treatments, we shall keep on challenging established medical paradigms and explore possibilities to find best alternatives synergies to cure ailments, intervene earlier in chronic illnesses, and find ways to dramatically improve quality of life to convert life to Ahh to Ahhaaa..

EnsureOperational Excellence


We shall be rethinking how we shall work embracing agile teams and building better productivity into our company to free resources that we can invest in innovation and help boost returns. We shall focus to eliminate process Errors and Reworksin everything we shall do.

Go Big Data and Digital


We aim to infuse a digital revolution at Kindman’s, embracing innovative digital technologies, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to help drive innovation and improve efficiency.

Build Trust with Transparency


We shall strive to build trust with transparency through our outlook and efforts to operate with high values and integrity, and to find new ways to expand patients’ access to our treatments..